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REVIEW - The Impellers - The Knock Knock / I Predict A Riot - Mocambo Records

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Those that have followed the blog over the last few years will know that here at The Hook & Sling we roll hard for The Impellers!  Aside from producing fantastic music, they're an all round straight up bunch of guys! We're proud to have been able to host them several times at our monthly nights and Soul Weekenders, as well as supporting them at some of their recent live gigs! 

Well it's been 3 years since their fantastic LP, 'Robot Legs' was released on Freestyle records. An album which, IMHO, injected a brand new lease of life into the New Funk scene during a time that saw somewhat of a down pour of new releases every week. The only 45rpm released from the LP, 'How Am I?' easily held its own and has become a huge favourite at our monthly night as well as amongst collectors and DJs in general! 

Fast forward and the band have really gone from strength to strength, A new record label and various personnel changes later and it looks like their next offering 'This Is Not A Drill' is ready to drop on 26th April if all goes to plan!

So, today finally sees the release of their second long awaited 45rpm on Mocambo Records and I was lucky enough to have grabbed an advance copy which has since been getting some serious plays around these parts!

The Knock Knock is a track that the band have been playing out live for sometime now and it finally gets the vinyl release it deserves! It incapsulates The Impellers live sound perfectly and delivers a full on funk roundhouse to the head in the process.

Lady Clair's infallibly raw and powerful vocals are sublime here, proving she's as good, if not better than any female vocalist on today's music scene. A seriously catchy guitar and bass hook are weaved together to provide the back bone of the track. The punchy horn section and shuffling fatback drumbeat adds the meat and two veg to a record that is sure to be a monster on any dance floor!

The bands take on The Kaiser Chiefs hit, ' I Predict A Riot' makes up the flip-side of the 45. This is an absolute organ funk monster that does enough to honour the original but still puts the Impellers stamp on a hugely recognisable track. Hopefully this will get plays in the right places and become a strong crossover record that earns the band the huge fan base that they deserve!

Click HERE for some sneaky previews from "This Is Not A Drill" from The Impellers Soundcloud page.

Buy a shiny new copy of The Impellers - The Knock Knock / I Predict A Riot HERE


Those of you lucky enough to be in the Brighton area on Friday 30th March can catch a Mocambo Records showcase at The Blind Tiger Club featuring The Impellers, The Mighty Mocambos, The Grits and DJ support from Beatwell (What's Wrong With Groovin').

It's a 9pm kick off and handing over a fiver of your hard earned cash gets you in for what will be an awesome night of Funk! All the directions and details can be found on The Impellers Facebook page, HERE.

Be sure to grab The Impellers new 45, stay safe and I'll be back here soon with some more of the Good Stuff!

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