Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mr Double Down Presents Reggae Got Soul

Welcome back!

It's been a pretty hectic time round these parts lately, a few personal issues and tissues coupled with moving house has meant that (yet again) my little corner of the Interweb has managed to gather some lazy dust.

The big relocation went well, all things considered and anyone with a slightly large record collection will understand the trials and tribulations that go hand in hand with moving house. Boxing, packing, transporting, unpacking and re-homing are all individually stress inducing tasks but you'll be pleased to know that both record collection and my sanity remain intact and back in a state of semi normality!!

Today's mix comes prompted from the back end of that move. After unpacking and refilling 2500 odd 45s! including a couple of mixed crates which had previously been gathering dust, I discovered that my Reggae and Ska sections had significantly swelled since the last count!

Refiling 45s

Whilst the main output here is Funk & Soul, I thought it might be interesting to knock up a mix of Reggae and Ska for you. I'm not a serious collector of the genre but always enjoy dipping in every now and again when something catches my ear.

The Reggae and Ska diehards amongst you may not find anything new here but I think this is a nicely paced mix nonetheless that should hopefully tide you over to my next instalment!

Enjoy today's selections and I'll catch you on the flipside with something cool!


Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop - Smash

Derrick Morgan - Miss Lulu -ACL

Prince Buster & The All Stars - Wash Wash - Prince Buster

Errol Dixon & The Back Beats - Mama Shut Your Door - Blue Beat

The Vikings - Never Grow Old - Island

Lord Packai - Bado Man - Wildbells

Toots & The Maytals - Hold On - Pyramid

Clancy Eccles - Uncle Joe - Hallmark

Nicky Thomas - Lonely Feeling - Hallmark

Dandy - There Is A Mountain - Giant

Jimmy Cliff - Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Trojan

The Pioneers - More Love - Trojan

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Israelites - Pyramid 

Toots & The Maytals - Pressure Drop - Beverley's Records

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - 007 - Pyramid

Edwin Starr - 25 Miles - (Ska Version)

Prince Buster - Ten Commandments (From Man To Woman) - Philips

Cutty Ranks - A Who Seh Me Dun - VP Records

Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng -SJ Records

Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm - Technique Records

Sister Nancy - Bam Bam - SJ Records

Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Rankin - SJ Records

The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number - Trojan

Toots & The Maytals - Reggae Got Soul - Island Records

The Gaylads - ABC Rocksteady - Gay Fleet Records

Bob Marley & The Wailers - One Love / People Get Ready - Island Records

Download Mr Double Down Presents Reggae Got Soul HERE

Monday, 26 March 2012

REVIEW - The Impellers - The Knock Knock / I Predict A Riot - Mocambo Records

Welcome back!

Those that have followed the blog over the last few years will know that here at The Hook & Sling we roll hard for The Impellers!  Aside from producing fantastic music, they're an all round straight up bunch of guys! We're proud to have been able to host them several times at our monthly nights and Soul Weekenders, as well as supporting them at some of their recent live gigs! 

Well it's been 3 years since their fantastic LP, 'Robot Legs' was released on Freestyle records. An album which, IMHO, injected a brand new lease of life into the New Funk scene during a time that saw somewhat of a down pour of new releases every week. The only 45rpm released from the LP, 'How Am I?' easily held its own and has become a huge favourite at our monthly night as well as amongst collectors and DJs in general! 

Fast forward and the band have really gone from strength to strength, A new record label and various personnel changes later and it looks like their next offering 'This Is Not A Drill' is ready to drop on 26th April if all goes to plan!

So, today finally sees the release of their second long awaited 45rpm on Mocambo Records and I was lucky enough to have grabbed an advance copy which has since been getting some serious plays around these parts!

The Knock Knock is a track that the band have been playing out live for sometime now and it finally gets the vinyl release it deserves! It incapsulates The Impellers live sound perfectly and delivers a full on funk roundhouse to the head in the process.

Lady Clair's infallibly raw and powerful vocals are sublime here, proving she's as good, if not better than any female vocalist on today's music scene. A seriously catchy guitar and bass hook are weaved together to provide the back bone of the track. The punchy horn section and shuffling fatback drumbeat adds the meat and two veg to a record that is sure to be a monster on any dance floor!

The bands take on The Kaiser Chiefs hit, ' I Predict A Riot' makes up the flip-side of the 45. This is an absolute organ funk monster that does enough to honour the original but still puts the Impellers stamp on a hugely recognisable track. Hopefully this will get plays in the right places and become a strong crossover record that earns the band the huge fan base that they deserve!

Click HERE for some sneaky previews from "This Is Not A Drill" from The Impellers Soundcloud page.

Buy a shiny new copy of The Impellers - The Knock Knock / I Predict A Riot HERE


Those of you lucky enough to be in the Brighton area on Friday 30th March can catch a Mocambo Records showcase at The Blind Tiger Club featuring The Impellers, The Mighty Mocambos, The Grits and DJ support from Beatwell (What's Wrong With Groovin').

It's a 9pm kick off and handing over a fiver of your hard earned cash gets you in for what will be an awesome night of Funk! All the directions and details can be found on The Impellers Facebook page, HERE.

Be sure to grab The Impellers new 45, stay safe and I'll be back here soon with some more of the Good Stuff!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Guest Mix - DJ Kieran Lockyear (Beats Of Music) - I've Got Just The Thing

Welcome back!

After what has been an exceptionally cold snap over here in the UK lately, it's time to drop some heat on you in the form of another Guest mix.

DJ Kieran Lockyear

Today's contributor, DJ Kieran Lockyear also hails from my local town of Chichester and runs a well established monthly Soul night which attracts fellow Soul lovers from all along the South Coast.

The more eagle eyed (and eared) amongst you will remember his previous Guest mix, A Few Soul Brothers, which you can still catch HERE

After recently having the pleasure of catching one of Kieran's Soul nights a while back, I extended the invite for him to drop another Guest mix over here at The Hook & Sling. Thankfully he accepted and the ensuing mix of Soul, R&B and Funk is now up now for you to grab at your leisure!

Those of you on the South Coast of England needing an extra fix of the Good Stuff should head down to Kieran's night, Soul Outta Sight, at La Havana in Chichester on Saturday 18th February. Dancing shoes are a necessity!

More details as well as his mixes etc can be found at his web page HERE

Enjoy today's Guest selections, stay safe and I'll be back here with something cool for you!

Track List

Etta James - Something's Got A Hold On Me - Argo

Mable John - Able Mable - Stax

Little Ben & The Cheers - Baby You're Mine - Rush

Betty Adams - Make It Real - Notes Of Gold

Erma Franklin - I'm Just Not Ready For Love - Shout

Betty Harris - There's A Break In The Road - SSS International

5 Miles Out - Super Sweet Girl Of Mine - Action

Dennis Coffey & The Lyman Woodard Trio - It's Your Thing - Maverick

Lou Courtney - I've Got Just The Thing - Riverside

Darrow Fletcher - I've Got To Know Why - Groovy

Johnnie Taylor - Friday Night - Stax

Charles Mintz - Give A Man Break - Abbott

Marvelle & The Blue Mats - The Dance Called The Motion - Dynamic Sound

The Endeavors - I Know You Don't Want Me - Stop

Charles Pryor & Power Of Love - What They Doing - Double 07

Black Lightning - Trouble - MCA

The Malibus - Strong Love - Sure Shot

Junior McCants - The Boy Needs A Girl - King

Gene Chandler - There Was A Time - Brunswick

The Checkmates Ltd - Run Nigger Run - Rustic

Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love - Prestige

Download DJ Kieran Lockyear - I've Got Just The Thing HERE

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Guest Mix - The Popcorn King Presents Go Ahead On!

Welcome back!

It’s been (as always!) a while, but I’m back with another slice of Soul goodness for you.

This time round, the heat to battle your winter blues is served up from regular Hook & Sling contributor and good friend of mine, The Popcorn King.

The Popcorn King

Those amongst you that have lent an ear to his past mixes or caught his Guest sets at our monthly nights will know his crates run deep and his Guest mix today certainly doesn’t disappoint! It’s been on rotation here at Maison De Hook & Sling since he sent it over and it’s a pleasure to finally share the 1’s and 0’s with you!

You can catch more past mixes from The Popcorn King in the Archives section on the right hand side of the page.

Strap in, turn up the volume and enjoy todays mix and I’ll catch you on the flipside with some more musical goodness!

Track List

Lee Moses - Time And Place - Front Page

Johnny Daye - I Love Love - Stax

Gene Faith - Family Man - Virtue

Jimmy Jones - Do What Comes Natural - Deke

Scott Brothers Orch. - They All Came Back – Toddlin’ Town

The Dayton Sidewinders Band - Go Ahead On - Carlco Records

Billy Best And The Ditalians - Baby That Takes The Cake - Mercury

Mercy Men - You Made It Thunder - Bee Gee

Markus Kelly & The Impassions - Pushin’ To The Top - White Eagle

Bobby Holley - Moving Dancer - Weis Records

Ray Gant And The Arabians - Chattanooga Walk - Jay Walking

Renaldo Domino - Let Me Come Within - Twinight

Derek Martin - Soul Power - Tuba

Manuel B. Holcolm - Kick Out Ins - Diamond Jim

Inez Foxx - You Shouldn't Have Set My Soul On Fire – Dynamo

Download The Popcorn King Presents Go Ahead On! HERE

Jimmy Castor - R.I.P.

James Walter "Jimmy" Castor (June 23rd 1940 – January 17th 2012) - R.I.P.

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun

Johnny Otis - R.I.P.

Johnny Otis; born Ioannis Alexandros Veliote (December 28th 1921 – January 17th 2012) - R.I.P.

The Johnny Otis Show – The Watts Breakaway

Etta James - R.I.P.

Etta James (born Jamesetta Hawkins; January 25th 1938 – January 20th 2012)- R.I.P.

Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind - Cadet

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mr Double Down Presents The Redux Mix

Welcome Back!

Firstly let me wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope the recent holiday period was a joyful and productive one!

Last year was a turbulent time around these parts to say the least! A new job, new home and a few real life issues to deal with along the way here, have meant that my little musical corner has been left somewhat neglected and unloved!

One thing I have managed to make time for and keep a grip on is digging for new 45s, and as such have managed to stock pile a lot of new stuff to share here once a suitable sized chunk of time became available.

So here we go with a new selection of records to help ease you into the new year! Today's mix is a nicely paced bag of Soul, Northern, Funk and R&B all taken from 45s that I've recently procured.

There's definitely a few solid stand out tunes in here that have proved real dance floor shakers at our monthly Hook & Sling nights.

'The Lost Generation', 'Peoples Choice' and 'Betty Harris' to name just three have become big favourites on the dance floor at The Vestry. It's always nice to see people dancing to stuff which is off the musical beaten track as it were!

The monthly night at The Vestry has been going from strength to strength, consistently seeing it becoming one in one out on the doors by 10pm, which is always great to see.

As always your continued support is appreciated and we've got some great things lined up for you this year so keep an ear to the ground for details!

So back to today's mix, pull down the ones and zeros, sit back and enjoy 72 minutes of the 'Good Stuff'. Stay safe and I'll be back here shortly!

Track List


Little Charles & The Sidewinders - Please Open Up The Door - Botanic Records Inc.

DeRobert & The Half-Truths - The Joy - SoulFly Records

Jackie Wilson - Just Be Sincere - Brunswick

The Jelly Beans - I'm Hip To You - Right On! Records

The Lost Generation - You're So Young But You're So True - Brunswick

The Sidewinders - I Like Your Stuff - Soul 7

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown - Columbia

James Fountain - Seven Day Lover - Cream Records

Joseph Moore - I Still Can't Get Next To You - JoeBoy

J.J. Daniels - Mr. Lonesome - Sure-Shot Records

The People's Choice - Big Ladies Man - Phil-L.A Of Soul

Millie Jackson - Breakaway - Polydor

Betty Harris - 12 Red Roses - Sansu Records

Wilson Pickett - Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do) - Atlantic

Ray Sharpe - Help Me (Get The Feeling) Pt1 - Atco Records

The Last Word - Funky & Some - Polydor

The Soul Saints Orchestra - Bag Of Soul - Jazzman Records

Carlton (King) Coleman - The Boo Boo Song Pt1 - King Records

Shorty Long With Manny Alban & His Orchestra - Burnt Toast & Black Coffee - Popcorn Records

Little Esther - Hollerin' And Screamin' - Fryers

Ervin Rucker & The Blue Night Hawks Orchestra - Done Done The Slop - Slopp Records

Big 'T' Tyler - King Kong - Aladdin Records

Nick Waterhouse - I Can Only Give You Everything - IL Records

DeRobert & The Half-Truths - Take Me Out Of The Dark - SoulFly Records

Pharoahe Monch (Featuring Showtyme, Mela Machiko & Tower Of Power) - Push - Universal Records (Ltd Etched 7")

Lack Of Afro (Featuring Wayne Gidden) - A Time For... - Freestyle Records


Download Mr Double Down Presents The Redux Mix HERE