Thursday, 20 January 2011

3,046 People Danced ‘Till 4am To Bill Doggett And His Combo

After a week of demolishing and rebuilding walls, the builders have finally vacated Hook And Sling HQ. The extended weekend was spent amongst other things, reinstating my record collection and audio equipment back to its new improved home. So now, for the time being some semblance of order can return.

I have picked up a substantial bundle of new 45’s and am expecting a whole load more in the next week, so while I digitize them and put together a few new mixes for you I have decided to post something I’ve had on the back burner for a while now.

Whilst my collecting habits are almost exclusively only 45’s, every now and again I stumble across a nice album that will bring out the ‘magpie hoarder’ in me. Today’s choice is a great Bill Doggett album I scored a couple of years back and with its striking album artwork is a prime example of how these things end up in my collection!

This is certainly one for all you Organ lovers out there (cue a nod towards Larry and Vincent!!), recorded live and in one take this showcases just how tight Bill Doggett and his Combo really were.
I’ve recorded the two sides and tacked them together to make one continuous Organ feast for you.

Now we’re (hopefully) back on track there is plenty to look forward to, expect some tasty new guest mixes as well as our forthcoming nights, which will see us joined by some great guest DJ’s. Enjoy today’s post and we’ll see you back here with some more of the Good stuff!

Track List


1 - Happy

2 - (Lets Do) The Hully Gully Twist

3 - Tom Cat

4 - The Slouch

5 - Can’t Sit Down


1 - Roly-Poly

2 - Hokum

3 - Jackrabbit

4 - Ragtown

5 - The Rootie Too

6 – Track 29

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