Thursday, 20 January 2011

“I’m Looking For The Party People”

And back to the funk……

I hope you are all champing at the bit for the weekend and the forthcoming holidays, I fortunately have a well earned reprieve from the ‘Coal Face’ ahead of me in a few days time, which to be honest can’t come soon enough.

I hope to be able to hit you up with a few goodies before then and I’ve decided to start my Christmas countdown with today’s single. While not a festive 45 (They’re coming next week I promise!!) this should be what’s needed to kick you into party mode.

Wicki Wacky by The Fatback Band is a fairly new acquisition that I turned out at one of my favourite digging spots in London. This is a straight up funk jam from 1974 and is all about the hi-hats, cow bells and vocal chants from drummer and band leader Bill Curtis. The horn licks are fairly reminiscent of The JBs, who were prominent on the funk scene at the time.

Hailing from New York, the band formed in 1970 and ran for 15 years in which time they released 35 albums and a multitude of singles, some of which are regarded as the paving slabs for disco. They disbanded in 1985 but have since regrouped for several tour dates in 2008, so it will be interesting to see where the future of the band lies.

Enjoy today’s 45 and I’ll be back after the weekend (hopefully somewhat more refreshed!) with a slightly more festively directed offering for you.

PS – Ticket Info for The Hook And Sling New Years Eve Funk And Soul 45 Party can be found HERE:

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