Thursday, 20 January 2011

“If You Don’t Stop Hurting Me”

Welcome back!

After a well needed two week break, I've finally managed to grab 10 minutes from my busy schedule of work, work and more work to pull together a new post for you.

Things have been pretty full on round here with a new project at work keeping me well and truly out of trouble, couple that with trying to keep the monthly night and all the promotion involved rolling along and my unplanned absence falls into place.

Anyway onto business, today's post is a little regenerative musical 'Chicken Noodle Soup' for your Soul. A short while back, just before our August Soul Weekender, I hooked up with Jamie C to browse his excellent sales box for some new 45s. One of the first singles I pulled out was 'You'll Get It Right Back' by Annette Poindexter. Upon putting the record on the turntable platter and dropping the needle into the grooves, my ears were immediately taken hostage by the emitting soulful sounds and I knew it had to go into the YES pile!

Now admittedly I know very little about Annette Poindexter. She was apparently a former girlfriend of Syl Johnson's. Aside from her 45, 'Mama' which was released on Twinight Records and is very tricky to track down an original copy (It's since been reissued), she appears to be a very elusive character in the google-verse.

There are however a few clues on the records label, which with a little Sherlock Holmes styled deduction pulls up a few more leads. Brena Records was a division of Shama Records, which also like Twinight Records, was owned by Syl Johnson. This would indicate that Annette Poindexter most likely hailed from Chicago where the label was based.

The 45 was produced by Pieces Pace (sic), which I think maybe a typo as the house band for Twinight Records at the time was actually The Pieces Of Peace. Formally the
backing band for Brunswick Records, they departed in 1969 and joined Syl Johnson's stable. Twinight ran out of money and folded in 1972, which most likely makes Annette Poindexter's 45 here a release from somewhere in that 3 year period.

'You'll Get It Right Back' is a great slice of crossover Soul, which cetainly worked the dancefloor at our weekender. The bass hook and punchy snare drives the track along nicely. Annette Poindexter's clean and powerful vocal delivery almost steps over into Sister Funk at times. Not that thats abad thing and the rest as they say is Elementary! (sorry I couldn't resist it, I'll get my coat!)

Stay safe, enjoy today's 45 and I'll be back here shortly minus the terrible puns!

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