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Guest Mix – BoldSoulBrother Presents The Northern Mix Part 2

"Welcome back!

I hope you’re all well and good?

So we're well into the beginning of the week and the final countdown to Christmas is rushing along, admittedly far too quickly for my own liking!! Never fear though, as I intend to crowbar some extra goodies in for you here before we reach Zero Hour!

So let's get things started with a little blog swap! Rich AKA
BoldSoulBrother returns here to hold fort with a new Northern Soul Mix for you all. Those that drop by regularly should be familiar with Rich, who has previously
graced these pages with two guest mixes which you can find HERE & HERE.

When you're done here, head over to his fantastic spot,, where you can catch my guest contribution, a 60 minute mixed bag to help ease you on through the festive period!

Stay safe, enjoy our double helping and I'll see you back here shortly with some more of "The Good Stuff".

Mr Double Down"

“Today’s offering is a mix of Finger-Clickin’, Hand-Clappin’, Hip-Shakin’ & Foot-Strompin’ Northern Soul. All taken from 45s in my collection; most are original issue, some are re-issue and some are bootleg. Surprisingly (to me at least) very few of the tunes listed below make it into “The Northern Soul Top 500” as compiled by Kev Roberts. Irrespective of their omission, I hope you enjoy the mix.

We start with The Capitols – Cool Jerk (Karen, 1524, c£20); I was torn with this one - in many ways I prefer their later instrumental version (Cool Jerk ‘68/Afro Twist, Karen, 1537, c£20); I opted for the more recognisable vocal release, but if anyone wants to see the ’68 instrumental featured on let me know.

We follow with Tina Britt – Real Thing (London, 9974, c£75; Eastern, 604, c£20 and Lost-Nite, 253, c£10) and then, an often overlooked contribution, from Tony Clarke – The Entertainer (Chess, 8091, c£15; Chess, 1924, c£15 (c£10 for Canadian issue); Chess, 9026, c£5; Chess, 129, c£5 and (as a double-sider with the more widely played Landslide) Chess, 614 5030, c£10).

Tony is followed by James & Bobby Purify – Everybody Needs Somebody (Bell, 700, c£15 and Stateside, 2093, c£20) a piano driven slow stomper which I followed with Jewel Akens – A Slice Of The Pie (Era, 3156, c£30 (watch out for bootlegs), Era, 51579, c£10 and Era, 18R, c£5) – one you either love or loathe (and even after dropping it into the mix, I’m still not sure which side of the fence I sit!). I follow Jewel with something less contentious, Barbara Acklin – Love Makes A Woman (Brunswick, 55379, c£20; Brunswick, 754137, c£20; MCA, 1038, c£15; MCA, 1102, c£10 and Coral, 72506, c£30) and stay with Barbara for Just Ain’t No Love (Brunswick, 55388, c£10). I then up the tempo slightly with E.J. Chandler – I Can’t Stand To Lose You (Sound of Soul, 1001, c£40 and Destiny, 1026, c£8 (£10 for promo)).

Barbara Acklin

Next up is The Babies – The Hand Of Fate (Dunhill, 4085, c£25 and RCA, 4085 (Canadian), c£20) – another overlooked blue eyed soul gem – the ladies are followed up with a song penned and produced by Eddie Bo for Art Neville – Hook Line & Sinker (Instant, 3276, c£40) and (not the best condition record in my collection!) The T.S.U. Toronadoes – I Still Love You (Volt, 4030, c£40).

We then hear more from Barbara this time Gene Chandler And Barbara Acklin – Teacher To The Preacher (Brunswick, 55387, c£15 (+£5 for promos) and Brunswick, 30, c£5), another emotive tune that some love and some hate; it’s always a winner for me and the flip (Anywhere But Nowhere) is a stomper too! Continuing to up the temp, we have the jailbird Johnny Bragg – They’re Talking About Me (Elbejay, 001, c£40 (watch for bootlegs green and white label, c£10) and Inferno, 2, c£5). Next up is Candy & The Kisses – The 81 (Cameo, 336, c£20 (-£5 for Canadian and +£10 for promo) and Lost-Nite, 259, c£10).

I couldn’t put together a Northern mix without dropping one of my Nolan’s in, you get N.F. Porter – Keep On Keeping On (Lizard, 1010, c£30 (or c£20 if 1010 on right hand side) and Lizard, 001, c£10); a stonking tune from Nolan, one which I prefer to “If I Could Only Be Sure”, but clearly my preference is not shared as the latter changes hands for £75.

I continue to slowly tease up the tempo with Don Covay – See Saw (Atlantic, 2091-104, c£5; Atlantic, 2301, c£20; Atlantic, 4056, c£35 (£50 for a mint promo!) and Atlantic, 10515, c£5) and chase Don with The Showstoppers – Ain’t Nothin’ But A House Party (Showtime, 101, c£15; Beacon, 100, c£5; Inferno, HEAT12, c£25; Cream, 5005, c£10 and Heritage, 800, c£15). Another artist I couldn’t miss from the mix is Billy Butler – Right Track (Okeh, 7245, c£40 (bootlegged, c£15 one with vocal Boston Monkey and one with instrumental), Epic, 2508, c£15).

Billy Butler

Continuing to up the tempo, next up is Ronnie Milsap – Ain’t No Soul (Left In These Ole Shoes) (Pye, 25392, c£100; Scepter, 12161, c£10 and Wand, 26, c£10 (+£5 for promo)); closely followed by Checkerboard Squares – Double Cookin’ (Villa, 705, c£450; Inferno, BURN9, c£10 and Goldmine, 049, c£10) also bootlegged as “Strings A Go-Go”; another contentious inclusion, snubbed by many due to it being string-led, it never fails to get my foot-a-tappin’.

I follow this with a stomper: Bobby Hebb – Love, Love, Love (Philips, 40400, c£25 and Philips, 6051023, c£10) before dropping in a tune you’ll all know, but not the Garrett solo – Bob & Earl – I Can’t Get Away (Jay Boy, 72, c£25); the “Bob” in Bob & Earl at this stage was no longer Bobby Byrd but Bobby Relf (aka Valentino & Garrett), the latter pseudonym the one Relf took on when Bob & Earl split and Earl (Nelson) started recording as Jackie Lee. It would be perhaps appropriate for me to drop in a Jackie Lee tune at this stage but I saved that for later and instead the follower is a tune that had me spinning around the dance floor in my youth Rubin – You’ve Been Away (Kapp, 869, c£400 – reissued with I’m Coming Home, c£10).

Jackie Lee

Next up is Rodger Collins – She’s Looking Good (Fantasy, 134, c£10 and Vocalion, 9285, c£15); often overlooked in favour of his “You Sexy Sugar Plum” (which if you own, you should flip for the funky “I’ll Be Here”; closely followed by Cookie Jackson – Do You Still Love Me (Progress, 912, c£400 and Stardust, 136, c£10) and then Connie Clark – My Sugar Baby (Joker, 716, c£400 – bootlegged with black or yellow labels, c£20). Last, but by no means least, is Earl Nelson as Jackie Lee – I’ll Do Anything (Soul Fox, 1001, c£25).

If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading my entire blurb and, if you enjoyed the music, pop over to my blog( for more mixes and individual tracks.

Keep the faith!


Download Bold Soul Brothers Northern Mix Part 2 HERE

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