Thursday, 20 January 2011

“Let’s Unite The Whole World At Christmas Time”

Hey Soul Children,

Welcome back to what will probably be my final post of 2008, although you never know!
Today’s offering is a double edged sword as I wanted to drop another festively themed 45 on you, as well as pay homage to The Godfather Of Soul who passed away on Christmas Day two years ago.

I think just about everyone with a passing interest in Funk and Soul music will have been touched by James Brown’s music at some point and while I could wax lyrical all day long about his life and musical achievements, my poor attempt would only serve to take away from the greatness of the man himself. I had the privilege of seeing James Brown on his 'Seven Decades Of Funk Tour' back in 2005 and it was truly one of the greatest live performances I’ve ever witnessed.

James Brown - (3rd May 1933 – 25th December 2006) - R.I.P.

To be honest, when I turned on the news after our family Christmas meal two years ago and learned of his death I was pretty shell shocked, as an artist
James Brown was always someone you seemed to assume would go on for ever and ever. While he was one of the biggest people responsible for getting me interested in this music, he also spawned many imitators and influenced artists for many years to come, who all continued creating and expanding this great genre of music, I and (hopefully) you both love.

Today’s choice ‘Lets Unite The Whole World At Christmas’ comes from his 1968 single released on King Records which features ‘In The Middle’ as the flip. It encompasses the soulful side of JB very well and has some nice gospel undertones to it. The Christmas albums and singles he released had limited success, but the messages and grooves contained in the wax are what counts.

Enjoy today’s 45 and raise a glass over Christmas to the man who, whether you realise it or not is probably responsible for the reason why you’re reading this article!
We’ll be back on the flipside in 2009, stay safe and have a fantastic Christmas.


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