Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mr Double Down's Beats And Sweet Treats Mix

I trust you're still grooving the Joy Lovejoy side from last week?? If not then what on earth were you thinking? Go and grab it now!!

Here we go again with some more of the 'Good stuff' for you, and as the response to Joy Lovejoy's fantastic 45 'In Orbit' was so positive I've included the flip in this mix (which I personally like as much as the A side)

We're also nearing our monthly soiree at The Brown Sugar Bar so whip out your diaries and pen in Saturday 9th of August right now in big bold fat letters!!

Back to the task in hand and we kick things off with a tag team of James Brown productions. First up is Lyn Collin's awesome 'Mama Feelgood', an absolute monster and released on my favourite label, People Records to boot! This is one of 'The Female Preacher's' finest, and really proves just what James Brown saw in her and just why he invested so much of himself in her career.

James Brown's 'Talking Loud And Saying Nothing' gets its inclusion here after a small prompt from The Popcorn King. He dropped the rarer alternative version which was released on King records in our last joint mix. It left me with the track swimming round my head for days after, hence the inclusion of the original here. I'm a sucker for 70's European funk and soul picture sleeves, they always seem to be aesthetically pleasing, so this copy was snapped up quick sharpish and filed away in the collection!

B.W. Souls is probably better known for 'Marvin's Groove', an awesome hammond groover that many of you will undoubtedly already know and appreciate. After a brief foray into the B-sides of my collection (this always happens around a week before payday due to financial constraints!!) I happened upon this much over looked flip. This side, although not as full on as its A-side counterpart still manages to give the horn section and hammond organ the full work out, and why it hasn't had decent plays in the past is a complete mystery to me?

I picked up this Soul Food 45 at a boot fair awhile back. On closer inspection I realised it was arranged and produced by none other than H.B. Barnum, never a bad thing. This was confirmed once the needle found the grooves! A fantastic double sider from 1975, I included "Boogie Bump" on an earlier mix but it's the interestingly titled "Tom The Peeper's Brother John" that features here.

Dizzy Jones is an artist I was only too well aware of after acquiring the fantastic "Just As Sure As You Play (You Must Pay)' on New Breed. I grabbed this 45,'Come On And Love Me' which was released on the highly collectable Chicago record label Blue Rock from the same digging trip out in New York. This is another James Brown Production and co-penned by Henry Stone of Brownstone Records fame.

As mentioned earlier, after the large response I got from posting Joy Lovejoy's "In Orbit' I've decided to include the flipside 'Uh Hum' in this mix for you. Several hundred steams and downloads unfortunately saw no additional info materialize about her for you and all that is left is this, to my knowledge, the only other side she recorded. It does however see Joy Lovejoy coupled with that killer horn section again and is, as before another real grower. I guarantee after a couple of listens you'll be humming (no pun intended) this for days!

The Liberty Belles are a group I confess to knowing very little about. "Just Try Me" was penned and arranged by Norbert "Bert" DeCoteaux, who is somewhat of a legend on the soul scene, having worked with everyone from Marlena Shaw, Joe Simon and Ace Spectrum. The A-side to this is "Shing-A-Ling Time" which I included on my guest mix "Show Time" for Tony C's brilliant show "The Melting Pot" a while back, The whole show including the mix is in the archives here somewhere so get digging.

Next up is Chris Jones and another (yes that's right, another) B-side "Destination Unknown". This is a nice laid-back groover from the JB sound alike who is better known for his deep funk A-side "I'm The Man".

We close out today's mix with a soul/reggae cross over track by The Pioneers. The group teamed up with Jimmy Cliff and released "More Love" coupled with "Let Your Yeah Be Yeah" on Trojan Records, which reached #5 in the UK charts. The band constantly appealed towards the soulful sides of things and often included Motown staples in their live shows.

Enjoy today's beats and sweet treats and we'll be back here soon with some more heat for you.

Track List (Click on individual track titles for label scans)

Lyn Collins - Mama Feelgood - People

James Brown - "Talking Loud And Saying Nothing" - Polydor

B. W. Souls - Generated Love - Round

Soul Food - Tom The Peeper's Brother John - Power Exchange

Dizzy Jones - Come On And Love Me - Blue Rock

Joy Lovejoy - Uh Hum - Chess

The Liberty Belles - Just Try Me - Jay Boy

Chris Jones - Destination Unknown - Goodie Train

The Pioneers - More Love - Trojan Records

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