Thursday, 20 January 2011

“I Got His Name, I Know His Game, He’s Double-O You Know Who”

Welcome back!

A big thank you to everyone who made it out in the hot and muggy weather on Saturday and joined us for our monthly night at The Vestry.

It was another great night and the turnout was fantastic, as always a big thanks to Ash, Ben, Stuart and Lewis as well as all of the Bar staff who helped make the night a good one!

Be sure to roll on over to our Facebook Page to check out more photos from Saturday night.

On to business and the track I bring you today is also from the batch of 45s that I scored on a recent digging trip.

‘I Spy (For The FBI)’ by Jamo Thomas & His Party Brothers Orchestra was a 45 that I was long aware of. I had always neglected picking up it up on vinyl when I’d previously seen it as there was always something else more pressing or alluring on the record horizon. Shame on me!

Jamo Thomas

This is, as those amongst you in the know will be aware of, a cover of Luther Ingram’s original version, also from 1966. Jamo Thomas left the Bahamas and ventured over to Chicago, Illinois, where he eventually took it upon himself to rework the bones of Ingram’s track a couple of months after its release. Subsequently the stomper you’re now (hopefully) listening to was thankfully born.

The Jamo Thomas version made it to the heady heights of #98 on the pop charts and also later went on to be picked up by the Northern Soul scene, where it became a big spin at The Twisted Wheel in Manchester

This isn’t by any means a super rare 45, and with a small amount of looking it can easily be picked up for less than the price of a pint of beer. But as always it’s what’s in the grooves that count, and this is undeniably a truely classic slice of upbeat Soul!

Stay safe, enjoy today’s 45 and I’ll be back here shortly with something cool for you!

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