Thursday, 20 January 2011

“Sloopy Let Your Hair Down, Let It Fall Down On Me”

Welcome back!

Having just about recovered from the extended four day frenzy of the Easter break and what can only be described as an monstrously epic hang-over, I finally return here with another slice of the 'Good Stuff' for you!

Before I get down to business, I'd like to give a big thank you to all those that made it out from their respective comfort zones and headed down to our monthly Hook & Sling night at The Vestry on Saturday! Despite the side ways rain and heavy winds another great night was had, and as always it was fantastic to see the regular faces there along with a few new ones.

A big shout out to The Purist of A Pyrex Scholar fame, who also rolled by and it amusingly turns out, hails from our neck of the woods! It is as they say a small world after all! Fall by his excellent Blog if you haven't already, and hopefully he'll be gracing us with some goodness here in the form of a Guest Mix soon! Stay tuned!

Also be sure to check out the very shiny and brand new SALES section located in the tabs at the top of the page. You can find the results of my latest crate spring cleaning there! Keep checking back as there will be more 45s added here regularly.

Today's 45 of choice is 'Hang On Sloopy' by The Ramsey Lewis Trio and is one from the grip of singles I procurred on my recent visit to a record fair a week or so ago. It was released on the Cadet Record label in 1965 and became a million seller, so this is by no means up there in amongst the rarest of the rare.

It is however a great feel good record which was the final cut for the trio before bassist, Eldee Young and drummer, Isaac 'Red' Holt went onto break off on their own and form Young-Holt Unlimited. You can read up more on that HERE.

The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Hang On Sloopy - 1973

The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Wade In The Water / Hang On Sloopy/ In Crowd - 1980 (worth watching for the slap bass solo on this performance alone!!)

Many of you may be more familiar with The McCoy's version of this track, which went to #1 also in 1965, became the official rock song of Ohio and OSU and went on to spawn many, many covers. Far too many in fact to mention here! But both The Ramsey Lewis Trio and The McCoy's versions wouldn't probably have occurred had it not been for The Vibrations, a five piece soul group hailing from Los Angeles. They had recorded and released 'My Girl Sloopy' on Atlantic records, one year earlier in 1964!

The Vibrations cut is a far more raucous affair and borrows heavily from the The Isley Brothers version of 'Twist & Shout, which was written also by Bert Berns previously in 1962. 'My Girl Sloopy' was named after Dorothy Sloop, a jazz pianist from NOLA.

The Vibrations

I've posted both the Ramsey Lewis Trio and The Vibrations versions today so you can listen to the two contrasting takes on the same track!

Enjoy them, stay safe and I'll be back here shortly with something special for you all!

The Vibrations - My Girl Sloopy - Atlantic Records

The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Hang On Sloopy - Cadet Records

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