Thursday, 20 January 2011

“Take A Look, Take A Look, Up To The Sky”

Welcome Back!

First up a big thank you to all who made it out to our Hook & Sling night at The Vestry back on the 3rd. Despite the later start due to the football, the night was one of the most enjoyable we've thrown so far since moving venues. A full house of up for it peeps and everyone out on the dancefloor as soon as we started made for a great night!

Head on over to our Facebook page (which you can find by clicking the box in the side bar to the right of the page) where you can find more photos from the night.

Front Cover / Back Cover

Today's 45 comes curtesy of the funkier end of the discography of Mr Bo Diddley. 'Pollution' was released in 1971 on the Chess record label and came from a grip of 45s I picked up recently. Being a sucker for a slice of Bo Diddley's music as well as a good picture sleeve, I had to take this 45 home with me. Having not heard the track previously, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I got it home and dropped the needle on the groove.

Right out of the gates The Originator slaps you up side the face with this upfront bass led jam. The guitar chops, based around the percussive ‘Bo Diddley Beat’ carry the track along with some slick backing vocals.

Diddley’s vocals are a sermon on the dangers of mistreating the planet, which all things considered seem very apt of late (take note BP!). This 45 is certainly going to cause a wave or two with the dancers at our next night!

Which leads me on nicely to my next point of call. We’ll be hooking up with the Quit Jivin’ crew at The Xuma Bar in Brighton on Friday 23rd July 2010 as guest DJs. Along with Ed Meme from the mighty Impellers, who will also be dropping a set as well. This should be a great night of music and dancing so don’t sleep!

Enjoy today’s 45, stay safe and I’ll be back here soon!

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