Thursday, 20 January 2011

Guest Mix - Anatoly Ice - A Little Bit Of Funk & Beyond

Welcome back!

First up , I’d like to give a big shout out to everyone who dropped by and offered their support on our 2 year anniversary! Your comments and emails mean a lot , Thank You!

So, the end of the week rolls in once more and with it comes the return of our monthly night this Saturday! I‘ve been looking forward to this since last month, as the response we have received since moving venues to The Vestry has been truly fantastic. This time around will see The Popcorn King stepping up to the plate and joining me in the unavoidable absence of Hoppin’ John. This is certainly no bad thing as The Popcorn King’s crates run deep! We’ll be kicking things off on Saturday 3rd October from 7.30pm, so if you’re in the area come down and join us!

So after the blistering Guest Mix from Vincent The Soul Chef earlier in the week, I return here with something that I promise is going to get your respective weekends off on the good foot!

Joining us today is Anatoly Ice, a brand new guest contributor all the way from Russia. Aside from his awesome record collection , he has some seriously tight mixing skills in amongst his bag of tricks! I’m not joking when I say the bar has been well and truly raised from now on!

Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for the one and only Anatoly Ice……

“My name is Anatoly Ice. I am a DJ, 45s addicted record collector, promoter, beat digger and music lover from Moscow, Russia. This is my mixture of various beats & breaks, funk & soul from all over the world. All records are original 45s except of few, which are 12"s from Poland.

This mix represents how I play records at my parties. If you like it and somehow appear in Moscow, then you can catch me at The Cult Club where every Saturday I carefully construct segments of the Funk 45s, Soul tracks, Hip-Hop beats, Breaks, Afro, Latin and Brazilian grooves together at my Funk & Beyond parties. It's an awesome venue with a fantastic crowd and even better music. Come and say Hi!

More information can be found at or on my website (Russian)”

Anatoly Ice

Track List

Jason & Pam – Soul Train (Instrumental) [Happy Fox]

Charlotte Bailey – Bang, Bang (instrumental) [Flower’s]

Little Richard – Green Power [Reprise]

New World – Help The Man [Polydor]

Phillip Mitchell – If We Get Caught, I Don’t Know You [Event]

Leroy Hutson – All Because Of You [Curtom]

Bemibem – Kolorowe Lato [Muza]

Novi Singers – Oh Woman [Muza]

Inell Young – What Do You See In Her [Libra]

Rhetta Hughes – You’re Doing It With Her [Tetragrammaton]

Bobby Bland – I’m So Tired [Duke]

Syl Johnson – Don’t Give It Away [Twinight]

The Barons Ltd. – Making It Better [Chimneyville]

Norris Vines & The Luvlines – Give In [’77 Dynamite]

David Ruffin – No Matter Where [Motown]

Mary Jane Hooper – I’ve Got Reasons [Power-Pac]

Ann Peebles – Somebody’s On Your Case [Hi]

James Brown – The Boss [Polydor]

Ginette Reno – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood [Decca]

The Marvels – Rock Steady [Pama]

Malcolm Hayes – You Made The Rain fall Down [TA]

Skip Mahoney & The Casuals – Town Called Nowhere [DC International]

The Soul Controllers – I Ain’t Lyin’ [Eaton’s Pub. Co.]

David Batiste & The Gladiators – Funky Soul [Instant]

The Bamboos – Eel Oil [Bamboo Shack]

Ray & The Corrupters – Soul Explosion [Rampage]

John Paul – I’m A Bad Sun-Of-A-Gun [Philips]

Download Anatoly Ice - A Little Bit Of Funk & Beyond (A Guest Mix For The Hook & Sling) HERE

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