Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Popcorn King Presents Street Beats

Welcome back!

Firstly, A big thanks to everyone who made it down to The Vestry in Chichester on Saturday night for our monthly Hook & Sling outing, despite the torrential rain.

Recently moving to the new much larger venue has definitely helped the night progress and our crowd of regulars has also grown month on month which is great news! While we’re at it, I'd like to say a big thank you to both Ash and all the bar staff, who once again helped make the night run smoothly!! We’ll be posting up more photos from Saturday night shortly, so keep an eye on the Gallery tab at the top of the page.

Here at The Hook & Sling we like to spread the good word of Funk and Soul and I for one am extremely excited about this forthcoming Saturday 14th November.

The 100 Club in ‘Good Ole London Town’ will be hosting the return of Soul Sister Number One, Marva Whitney, complete with Japanese funkateers, Osaka Monaurail in tow!! If that wasn’t more than enough to whet your appetite, support comes in the magnificent form of The Impellers, Jazz CoTech Dancers, and DJs Adrian Gibson and Perry Louis…..Phew!!!
Seriously, don’t sleep on this one!

Ok, so I’m guessing you’ve arrived at our dark little recess of the internet because of one of two reasons.

A) Your Internet search engine of choice is playing up again?


B) You’re looking for your weekly fix of Funk and Soul goodness?

If (hopefully) the answer is the latter, then we can help you! The Popcorn King returns here once again with another of one his fantastic mixes for you, having recently recorded it at Casa Del Hook & Sling a short while ago.

This is another mixed all 45rpm bag of straight up Soul, Sister Funk and Northern tinged gems for you. It's been on heavy play here, and has also had my Google-ificator working overtime trying to snap up a few of these new additions to my ever growing wants list! I’m pretty sure it’s going to get your week off to a good start.

Stay safe, enjoy The Popcorn King’s Street Beats and I’ll see you back here shortly with something cool!

Track List

Brenda George – I Can’t Stand It (I Can’t Take It No More) – Kent

Over Night Low –The Witch Doctor (Catches “Jungle Fever”) – Deluxe

Herbie Thompson – Jungle Time - Big Hit Records

The Turks – Generation Gap – DJO

Warren Lee – Climb The Ladder – Deesu

The Extra Kicks – Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) – Sko-Field Records

Ike & Tina Turner - You Can’t Miss Nothing That You Never Had – Sonja Records

The Chantels – Well, I Told You – Carlton

Gerri Granger – Show Stopper – Double L

Calvin leavy – Enjoy Being Hurt By You – Soul Beat “Arkansas Sound”

Download The Popcorn King Presents Street Beats HERE

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