Thursday, 20 January 2011

“If You’re Tired Of Being Lonely Baby, Come Back Girl”

Welcome back!

Firstly, apologies for my tardy return here.

Due to both self inflicted, as well as work related stresses and strains, I’ve been feeling pretty beat recently. Trying to find the time and energy to put together something for my little corner of the internet here has, of late, taken a back seat to crashing out and trying to get some much needed rest and relaxation!

I type this with one more stint at ‘The Coal Face’ looming large and uninvited tomorrow, but once that is safely out the way, hopefully some sense of normality (whatever that may be) can return, and service will resume round these parts once again!

So Soul Children, on to business and today’s 45 comes courtesy of the recent spoils from my last digging trip at the beginning of the month.

This copy of Jackie Edwards Northern Soul big hitter, ‘Come Back Girl’ was one of two copies that we pulled out that day. The other has already found a secure place in the collection of my fellow digger, and part time Hook & Sling contributor, The Popcorn King.

This was a record I was already familiar with, having already heard it on Jackie Edwards 1969 LP, ‘Put Your Tears Away’. Which is a fantastic album and should feature in all your collections! (and can be found with a crafty bit of google-a-fication.... ;-) .... nudge nudge...)

Jackie Edwards

Wilfred Gerald ‘Jackie’ Edwards hailed from Kingston and was some what of an established musical star in Jamaica by the time he met Island Record founder, Chris Blackwell in the early sixties. Blackwell persuaded him to move to the UK where he became one of the first signings to the label.

Jackie Edwards was an extremely versatile artist, and his music transcended across many genres including not only Soul, but also Ska, Reggae, Lovers Rock and Pop music as well.

Jackie Edwards – Carry On Henry

He went on to pen several hit records, including ‘Keep On Running’ (which he also recorded himself) which became a #1 hit for The Spencer Davis Group in 1966. You can find more of Jackie Edwards fantastic output HERE

‘Come Back Girl’ is one of several records that were picked up by the Northern Soul Scene, the most notable, and one of my other favourites, ‘I Feel Bad’ featured on my The Down Low Mix from last year.

In my humble opinion, ‘Come Back Girl’ really shows off both his singing and writing talents. The record has a slightly deep, dark and ominous underside to it, but still retains the Northern back beat which I love! I dropped this early at our last Hook & Sling outing and it proved a great hit with the dancers!

Sadly, Jackie Edwards died from a heart attack in August 1992. His own music may have been largely overlooked but the influence and footprint he left on music is one that shouldn’t be forgotten!

Stay safe, enjoy today’s 45 and I’ll be back here soon with some more of ‘The Good Stuff’ for you!

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