Thursday, 20 January 2011

“I Still Love You Like You Knew I Would”

Welcome back soul children!!

After a (hilarious) mini drama involving The Popcorn King and Hoppin’ John getting stuck in stationary traffic for a mind numbing 6 hours on the motorway whilst travelling up to London (I didn’t laugh gents, honestly!!), Saturday eventually passed by as another thoroughly enjoyable evening! It was another decent turn out at our night at The Brown Sugar Bar, with a healthy dose of new faces and as always your support is highly appreciated! We’re already looking forward to next month and I also want to extend a big thank you to Jamie Coughlan for dropping by with the good stuff and turning a few heads with several of the 45's he played.

So after a night of excess and in our still slightly worn out state we get down to today’s business and a side that I’d over looked until this very Saturday. As I’ve mentioned I have a somewhat bad habit of buying singles for one track and never checking the flips out! So on Saturday when I went to play Irene Scott’s Northern tinged soul monster I realised I’d been so engrossed in the A side, ‘Everyday Worries’, a track I included a while back on my Back To The Drawing Board Mix, that I decided to give the B side a quick preview through the headphones.

Released on Midas Records, Irene Scott’s ‘You’re No Good’ turned out to be amazing, and for the foreseeable future will be getting some hefty plays from me for sure! This is a great little soul crossover 45 from Chicago and the drums lean nicely on the snare for the lead. Although I know very little about Irene Scott, this is a catchy number, almost Doo-Wop-esque at times, that seriously shows off her amazing vocal range. It seems to have many layers that unfold with every listen and, with some fantastic clean horns nice and high in the mix, it’s the sort of record that definitely leaves you itching for another listen!

I hope you dig today’s 45 and that it gives you enough soul to make it through the mundane grind of the working week. We’ll be back soon with more of the ‘Good Stuff’ and with time and energy permitting the photos from Saturday will also be up soon!

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