Thursday, 20 January 2011

Guest Mix – Henning Boogaloo (Radio Industrie, Switzerland) - Boogaloo With Me

Welcome back!

I hope the close of the week finds you all well and good? It's been pretty hectic around these parts. Some serious 'Real Life' moves occurring at the moment have put the tighteners on things here, but as they say the show must go on!

So what better way to prepare for a well earned weekend than with another slice of heat from one of our Guest Selectors.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back Henning Boogaloo, a DJ who has previously graced these pages with a fantastic mix. If you were late to the party you can still pick it up HERE.

Henning Boogaloo hails from Lucerne in Switzerland and has been collecting and DJing for many years. When he's not putting together great mixes like todays selection, you can catch him hosting his regular radio shows on Radio Industrie. You can find them by heading HERE.

So onto his mix today and what you have here is just short of an hour of top quality Soul, Funk and Boogaloo, all lifted live and direct from his fantastic collection of 45s.

Stay safe, sit back and enjoy this one and I'll be back after a well earned weekend away from the 'Coal Face'

Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for Henning Boogaloo.......

Track List

Gaylords - Boogaloo With Me

Teddy Mack & The Mackinteers - Hey, Hey Gypsy Woman

Patsy & Lynn Tait - A Man Is A Two Faced

1984 Love Machine - Your Beakin My Heart

Holy Disciples - Trying To Make A Hundred

Audrey Slo - Gonna Find The Right Boy

Wally Coco - Message To Society Pt. 1

Roy Roberts Experience - You Move Me

Gospel Comforters - Yes God Is Real

Brown Bombers & Soul Partners - Wait For Me

Chantlers - In The Beginning

Epsilons - Mind A Bind

Geno Washington - I'll Be Around

Betty Wilson & 4 Bars - I'm Yours

Les Mack & Impacts - So Blue

J.D. and Eddie - She's Giving Me Love

Matthew Barnett - If Our Love Is Real

Roe-o-tation - Old Love

James Brown - I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

John Tucker & Mighty Invaders - You're One Hell Of A Girl

New Holidays - Maybe So, Maybe No

Download Henning Boogaloo - Boogaloo With Me HERE

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