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DJ Jamie Coughlan - 70's Compilation

I hope you enjoyed our Soul Exchange with Fufu Stew , we’re back again with another guest and just like your local milkman we always deliver!
Those of you who regularly read these pages or attend our monthly nights will be aware of Jamie Coughlan. Long time collector, promoter and DJ from South London. Hot from his mini tour of Europe, playing out at The Oslo Soul Experience and Club Function
in Malmoe in Sweden, we’ve invited him back to share some more of his rarities with us.
This time he’s opted for a compilation styled posting and it definitely hits the spot.

Ladies and Gentlemen……Jamie C!!

“For some there is a golden period of funk production with one foot in the late 60s and one on the early 70s. Others may shun the 'crossover' soul time period in favour of Northern Soul from the 60s but one things for sure post 31st December '69 there were some changes happening in soul music and they still divide peoples preferences to this day.

The 70s brought about some interesting changes both in technology (studio techniques and vinyl progression, the biggest being how much music you can fit on one side of a 45) and style boundaries became a bit more blurred. It also bought us some very interesting music, was the decade when disco broke, funk became mainstream music and hip hop was forming. Underneath all of this there was some amazing music being made.

These are some of my favourite 45s from the 70s. Enjoy!”

Jamie C.

Pure Funk – “Nothing Left Is Real” – Planet Earth Records

Total obscurity I'm guessing by the label number and one of my favourite late 70s funk tunes. Oozes class. Excellent production, arrangement and horn work and a sure fire dance floor winner. Flip is not a bad disco-ish affair either.

Raw Image – Go For Broke – Phi-La Of Soul

One of so many good 45s on this prolific label. We all have our favourites and this is one of mine. For a cheapish record its really really tough to find. The flip was a defining tune at Keb Darge's
'Deep Funk' club night (spun by Keb) however Go For Broke has quite a terrific break at the beginning, almost a ragga beat and some killer simple building horn work. One simple clap insertion lifts the track even further. Nice one!

Lo End – “Le Beat” – New World Records

Want some straight up disco? Sure. Can't have a 70s write up without some going on. Milwaukee band and label, still being played by quite a few well known DJs and with one good works so well. One of two killer 45s on this label (though there are more releases)

Primitive – Sister Africa – Love Records

Great looking label design (maybe a standard)

Bob Williams – I’m Alright (Pt1) – Nad-Lyn

A particular favourite of mine, this 45 hails, rather oddly, from Canada but rather obviously from The Islands. Still quite cheap for the quality and rarity this one is begging to be on a 12' with sides a and b married together. Side b really kicks off. Swinging party tune for sure.

Cohesion – Cohesion – Cohesion Records

Maybe these guys just ran out of ideas when naming this 45, or perhaps, more likely, there was a social message involved. A top quality example of how good 70s funk can be. Love the harmonies on this. Flip is a very decent 'chase style' funk track with some perfect guitar melts and an insane b boy break hidden at the end.

Lloyd Perry All The People – It’s Only Been One Day (Pt1) – M.I.C.

Never heard of this until last year although I have other 45s on the label, namely Mather Washington produced Angella Jefferson and Max Infinity. Bold horns, a warm production feel and a slightly druggy echo give this fine funky soul effort a unique feel. Underrated 45 I reckon or just maybe only a little known. Have been a few on Ebay of late. Any eagle eyed bay gannets will know who's got some. Hails from Florida and was recorded in 72.

Eugene Gaspard – Holding On – Rosemont Records

Same label as the massive Leroy Clofer 45 and more ingenious, original ideas and attention to detail have been put into this cracking soul dancer. The fella on the drums has an idea of what he is up to and the vocal is so so good.

Split Evolution – Jumpstreet – Wasp Music

Another total obscurity and one which seemed to cause a stir when it was posted on our UK funk forum. Synth laden group vocal 70s funk that sounds good next to 'Were Gonna Make It'. This band had only one other release under this name (to my knowledge)

Soul Hustlers – Super Party (Pt1 And Pt 2) – Linco

A favourite funk track of mine from back in the day. Party lyrics and background effects, some killer breaks and guitar licks and a pretty rare one from this Carolinas band. Same band as The Blenders on Cobra so the rumour goes. Mr Double Down will confirm this ASAP.

Cesar’s All Stars – See-Saw Affair – Teo

Not much to say about this Latin funk affair ‘cos I have no clue about it! Looks very obscure from the label and a few have been knocking about but seem to have dried up now. Played in Oslo by DJ Marius (watch out for his mix here very soon) Some may be put off by the long guitar solo (I almost thought I was) but
It works well and has a hell of a groove on it.

Different Bags – Closed Mind – WesGate

70s funk for the hip hop heads. Simple breaks which are well sampled by some major artists, which tells us its well liked. Needs pitching a bit (I have here) but never fails when dropped. One of my first 45s I ever bought way back in the day I must have owned 10 or so over the years. Can't do without it!!

Sage – I’m Alive – Head Records

This obscure Latin soul tune from 1977 that seems to be dividing people. Had been on my wants list for a long while and after being away when the lengthy waiting period ended, it went to a pal of mine so I waited another 18 months to bag one. Takes a while to kick off but when it does it turns into a frantic soul dancer with energetic percussion.

Body Heat – Spread Love – Power Records

I know nothing about this 45 other than I got pretty excited when I first heard it and its pretty rare. Spread Love went down very well with both the DJs and dancers at Sweden’s premiere soul club, Club Function ( late last month.

Body Heat - Forget Yourself - Power Records

I actually originally bought the 45 for this side, but it's clear that Spread Love is the bigger tune.

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