Thursday, 20 January 2011

Guest Mix - Miss Goldie Presents Songs For Shimmy

Welcome back!

I hope you all return here refreshed and rejuvenated from your respective weekends?

My weekend saw the snow retreating at last, only after briefly being replaced wth biblical styled heavy rain and flooding!! It seems things are finally returning back to normal round these parts, for the time being anyway!!
I spent my down time relaxing with friends and also making final preparations for our forthcoming Funk & Soul Weekender. It seems only yesterday that we first took our tentative first steps towards planning this. That was back at the front end of October and now we are just under three weeks away, with the days dissolving faster than I care for!!

But anyway, back to the main game! Today's guest contribution is one we've been eagerly anticipating here at The Hook & Sling, and I can assure you it was thoroughly worth the wait!

Stepping upto the plate is Miss Goldie, who hails from Melbourne, Australia. She has spent the last two decades searching out funk and soul 45's. When she's not digging for records she has a weekly 2hr radio show, Boss Action on PBS 106.7fm and resident gigs such as Soul A Go Go, Australia's largest funk and soul party where she spins in the funk room. Also monthly soul nights/dayers at Section 8, Southpaw and Gertrudes Brown Couch.

For bookings or more infomation about her gigs, you can email Miss Goldie at

Enjoy Miss Goldie's fantastic guest mix, stay safe and I'll be back here soon with something special for you all!

Track List

Delilah Moore - It Takes Love - Middle Earth

Jeanie Tracy - Making new friends - Brown Door

Vee Gees - Talkin - Jump Off

The Exits - Another Sundown In Watts - Kapp

Reggie Soul - My World Of Ecstasy - Capri

Cynthia Sheeler - I'll Cry Over You - JB's

LaCleve Milon - Your Love - Soh

Willie Pickett - On The stage Of Life - Soul Spot

Skip Jackson - I'm On To You Girl - Dot-Mar

Lee Williams - Its Everything About You (That I Love) - Carnival

Blues Bag Ltd - I Am Gonna Love You - Plumm

Continental Showstoppers - Not Too Young - Seventy 7

Wild Honey - I Can't Go On (Being Without You) - Houston International

Curtis, The brothers - You Make Everything Better - Bell

The Natural Four - Hanging On To A Lie - Boola-Boola

Eboney Essence - Let Me In - Goodie Train

Four Shades - My World - Ronn

Mighty Lovers - Ain't Gonna Run No More - Soulhawk

The Harmonics - Be Your Man - Seventy 7

Poor Boy & The Orphans - I Know She Loves Me - Butch's Thang

Chappells - You're Acting Kind Of Strange - Bedford

The Sweet & Innocent - Cry Love - Active

Download Miss Goldie - Songs For Shimmy HERE

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