Thursday, 20 January 2011

Barbara Mason – If You Knew Him Like I Do – National General Records

Welcome Back!

I hope Monday finds you all well and good?

Saturday night’s Hook & Sling at The Vestry passed with yet another fantastic turnout. The venue filled up to capacity faster than we anticipated, by 9pm we had a healthy dance floor and a queue of bodies stretching up South Street, as it was one in and one out in the door! A good time, was as they say, had by all!

Click on the GALLERY TAB at the top of the page and also head on over to our facebook page, where you should be able to find a few more photos from the night. We return to The Vestry on Saturday 3rd April 2010 for what should be a full blown Easter spectacular! As always a huge thank you to Ash, Lewis and all The Bar Staff for helping make it another great night at the venue!

So onto business and in order to recover from our full on funk-fest from the weekend, I’ve chosen to dip into my soul crates to ease you, as well as myself into a brand new week!

Barbara ‘Lady Love’ Mason’s ‘If You Knew Him Like I Do’ is a quality slice of Philadelphia soul from 1970. Released on the National General Record Label, a subsidiary of Buddah Records, this strangely only made #38 in the R&B charts at the time. It’s a seriously polished piece of music from the singer who some have deemed the originator of the ‘Philly- Soul’ sound.


Barbara Mason – Yes, I’m Ready

After making somewhat of a splash on Arctic Records with her first two releases including ‘Yes I’m Ready’ (which she is probably best known for), she moved to National General Records. ‘If You Knew Him Like I Do’ was Barbara Mason's 9th single and is the B-side to ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’. It is one of several releases on National General Records made just before the label folded. After the unfortunate collapse of NG Records she crossed over to Buddah, where she notably recorded a version of ‘Give Me Your Love’ which was written and produced by Curtis Mayfield.

Barbara Mason went on to release 45s and Lps through the 70’s and early 80’s, including several movie soundtracks. After leaving the music industry in the 80's to form her own publishing company, which she named Marc James Music after her son, she returned and continued to release music across several labels up until recently.

Enjoy today’s slice of soul, stay safe and I’ll be back here later in the week with some more of ‘The Good Stuff’.

Download Barbara Mason - If You Knew Him Like I Do – National General Records HERE

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