Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Return Of The Soul Exchange featuring Vincent The Soul Chef

Welcome back!
I hope you all enjoyed our birthday mix from last week? It's been a little while but I'm glad to welcome back Vincent The Soul Chef from the legendary Fufu Stew
for the next installment of our ongoing 'Soul Exchange'. This is hopefully going to be a regular feature here so stay tuned! Once you've finished taking in Vincent's fantastic selection head on over to Fufu Stew for the B side to today's post. Anyway on with business! Ladies and gentlemen……Vincent The Soul Chef!!!

Hello, kiddies.

It's always a pleasure to come on over and hang with The Hook And Sling gang. Thanks as always for making me feel welcome.

This time, it was a difficult decision as to what to share with you all so after careful consideration (and an unfortunate lack of time due to real life issues setting in), I came up with this. When I listened to the mix that Mr. Double Down sent over, I had to conclude that there really is nothing like a good soulful instrumental. I dug around through the 45s (and actually got them sort of organized in the process, imagine that) and put together some more of my all time favorites for the third installment of:

Talking Loud And Saying Nothing

01 That's How I Feel-The Crusaders (Chisa)
After having enjoyed the Pointer Sisters' version of this track for so many decades, it was a real treat to hear the original for the first time last month. If you are not familiar with the Pointer's eponymous debut from 1973,
I strongly recommend it. It's really easy to find and very easy on the pocketbook. You won't be disappointed.

02 Concertro In F-The Rimshots (A-1)
Here's the flip side of the very famous Funk classic "Save That Thing", another gem from the vaults of Sylvia Robinson's All Platinum Records.

03 You Can't Sit Down Pt.1 - Philip Upchurch Combo (Boyd)
Now that I've assembled everyone in the place, let's pick up the pace for one of my favorite up-tempo 45s. It helps that the mighty Philip Upchurch leads the charge with some ferocious guitar chops, and if you know me at all, you should know that I am a sucker for stuff like that.

04 Listen Here-The Soulful Strings (Cadet)
I want to thank everyone who turned me on to this wonderful outfit. If it weren't for the land of blog, I would have never been inclined to seek out and buy all of their 45s. This one is taken from the "In Concert" LP.

05 Jimmy Mack-James Brown (Smash)
From the much underrated Smash sessions comes this joyful take on the old Motown standard with JB and that signature noodling around on the B-3.

06 Swamp Fever-Mel Brown (Impulse)
Time for a little funky blues number, complete with a blistering twin guitar attack

07 Quicksand-King Curtis (Atco )
I always buy King Curtis 45s... It's a rule that I will always follow.

08 The Streetbeater-Quincy Jones (A&M )
I call this by its original title, but once you hear the first few notes, you will instantly recognize it

09 No Deposit - No Return-Alvin Cash & The Registers (Mar V Lus)
Here's another one of my heroes with a nice little groove taken from one of my earlier mixes.

10 Pick And Shovel-The Touch (Lecasver )
This one's for you, Mr. Double Down...

11 Take It Easy Soul Brother-The Corner Boys & Friends (Neptune)
I still contend that this is the prototype for the very famous "Soul Train" theme.

12 Let My People Go-Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet)
This is my all time favorite Hammond jam, hands down. Some amazing work from one of the true giants.

13 Poquito Soul-Senor Soul (Double Shot)

14 Ease Back-The Meters (Josie)

15 Spooky-The Fame Gang (Atlantic)

16 Don't Knock My Love Pt.2-Wilson Pickett (Atlantic). It's all about the psychedelic sound on this one. A real mind blower!

17 Switch It On-Cliff Nobles & Co. (Phil LA Of Soul)
One of the rarer selections from the "Horse" man.

18 Chinese Chicken-Duke Williams & The Extremes (Capricorn)
Here, I still contend that if the Allman Brothers were a Funk band, they would sound just like this.

19 Cherie Amour-Charlie Earland's Erector Set (Eldorado)
The Mighty Burner is next to bless us with a joyful reading of the classic Stevie Wonder tune which comes from the flip side of my second all time favorite Hammond jam, "Yes-Suh'".

20 Black Fox-Freddie Robinson (World Pacific)
Ever since I heard this great guitarist on John Mayall's "Jazz Blues Fusion" album from 1972, I was hooked. Here's one of his earlier B sides.

21 As I Get Older-Billy Preston (Apple)
Composed by Preston and Sly Stone and produced by Ray Charles the "Genius", this is a true keyboard power trio for the ages. I'm not sure if Preston is playing all the keyboard parts or if he is joined by Charles and Sly, but regardless, this is yet another joyful tune that I happened across by accident.

22 Buttered Popcorn-Bill Doggett (King)
Here's another one for you Mr. Double Down...

23 The Soul Of A Village-Joe Zawinul (Vortex)
I close the set with this mesmerizing little tune that I first heard thanks to the mighty DJ Bluewater . This 45 is certainly a welcome addition to my collection, unfortunately it's much harder to find then the LP from which it was taken.

Please download Talking Loud And Saying Nothing No. 3, 61 MB

Here's the link to the mp3 file

Here's the link to the zip file

Again I say thank you to The Hook and Sling team for having me over, and I want to send out an invitation to Hoppin' John and The Popcorn King in the hopes that they will come on in my kitchen and bless us with their 45 rpm heat. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great week and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Vincent The Soul Chef

In closing, I'd like to thank Vincent whole heartedly for dropping by with the 'Good stuff' today, don't forget to head over to Fufu Stew for the B-side and we'll be back at the end of the week with another very special post for you!!

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