Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hoppin’ John Presents Sisters With Soul (Part 1)

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After a thoroughly wet and miserable couple of days, it’s time to interject a little Soul sunshine into the week!

Several posts back I had a comment from one of our regular visitors to the site, Fast Eddy, who requested a Sister Funk mix. Well this got us thinking here at The Hook & Sling, so we’ve pooled our resources individually and each come up with a selection of Sister Funk and Soul for your listening pleasure.

I’ve been joined for this little three part foray by both Hoppin’ John & The Popcorn King, who both have healthy Sister funk and soul 45 collections. So here we go with Part 1 of Sisters With Soul featuring Hoppin’ John

“First up on this mix is Vicki Anderson with ‘Baby Don’t You Know’, one of her lesser known releases on the King label. She started her career off in 1964 on the Tuff label with the soulful ‘I Cant Stop Loving You’. Her trademark funkier sound came about in 1967, when she signed for King Records and joined the James Brown Revue.

Somebody else with a mighty back catalogue is Etta James. ‘Tighten Up Your Own Thing’ is a 1970 release taken from the Cadet album, ‘Funk’. Cadet seemed to quite literally bring the funk out of Etta, with her other releases including ‘Tell Mama’ and ‘The Basement’, to name but two.

Loleatta Holloway

Loleatta Holloway has featured on quite a few mixes here before. ‘Bring It On Up’ showcases her incredible voice and vocal range. She recorded on many labels including Aware, Gold Mind and Salsoul. This release was her only one for the Galaxy / United Artists label.

True funk fans will need no introduction to Honey & The Bees and ‘Love Addict’. An absolute monster record with the original Arctic pressing going for £500 plus.

Honey & The Bees

Jacqueline Jones is the flip to Billy Garner’s ‘Brand New Girl’, yet another fantastic release on the BGP label. It turns up very rarely and when it does it will set you back around £100. Which makes me glad I bought my copy three years ago for £5.99 really. (Smug!! – Mr Double Down)

Finally Shirley Jean & The Relations is one of the rarer releases on James Brown's very own People label. This B side you'll probably recognize as with anything James Brown seemed to touch there’s a massive break half way through, which has kept many a funk DJ hot on the trail of an original pressing. Rumours of Shirley Jean’s identity have been rife over the years, with some people claiming she was in fact Vicki Anderson singing under a pseudonym!

Enjoy Part 1!!

Hoppin’ John

Track List

Vicki Anderson – Baby Don’t You Know – King

Etta James – Tighten Up Your Own Thing – Cadet

Marie “Queenie” Lyons – Your Key Don’t Fit It Anymore – Deluxe

Loleatta Holloway – Only A Fool – Aware

The Genies – Know What To Do When You Get – Ronn Records

Loleatta Holloway – Bring It On up – United Artists Records

Gloria Lynne – If You Don’t Get Yourself – Canyon Records

Honey & The Bees – Love Addict – Arctic

Jacqueline Jones – One Monkey Can’t Stop The Show – BGP

Marilyn Haywood – “Mamas Baby” (Ain’t A Baby No More) – Silver Fox

Delilah Moore – Ooh Wee Baby – Money Records

Shirley Jean & The Relations – If I’d Had A Man Like You – People

Download Hoppin' John Presents Sisters With Soul (Part 1) HERE

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