Thursday, 20 January 2011

“I’m Tired Of Being Alone, Come On Home”

Welcome Back!

Well the half way point of the week steam rolls through these parts again and to be honest things are definately on the up, aside from the football which to be honest, the less said about that the better!!

Seeing that we return to The Vestry this Saturday 3rd July for our monthly Hook & Sling outing, I felt the urge to do the rounds this afternoon and pay a visit to some of my favourite digging spots and record dealers in London. At times like this a few new sounds for my play box are always welcomed as it helps keep things fresh for our clued up regulars. Luckily my post work round trip proved fruitful and I returned home with a healthy new pile of 45s!

So today's 45 is fresh out of the crates and wings it's way to your ears curtisy of one of my favourite spots.

Smiley Lewis, named so for his lack of front teeth, hits us up with a tasty R&B stomper. Released on Lew Chudd's Imperial label in 1957, 'Goin' To Jump And Shout' was a minor hit in New Orleans. Smiley Lewis was dubbed 'The Unluckiest Man in New Orleans' due to his misfortune in obtaining the success that he deserved. It seems everything he released (including 'I Hear You Knockin') flopped but ended up being a hit for someone else!! Quite why this 45 never became a mainstream hit is beyond me!

Smiley Lewis

The Nola styled piano kicks things off, setting up the horns to lay down a frankly infectious groove, which along with Smiley Lewis and his incredibly strong vocals keeps everything rolling along nicely. It may clock in at just under two minutes but this 45 really packs a punch!!

I hope you enjoy today's offering, and if you're in the area head over and join us this Saturday at The Vestry for our monthly night.
Stay safe, and I'll be back here shortly with some exciting news for you and another dose of the good stuff!

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