Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Popcorn King & Mr Double Down Present Can We Get A Soul Clap?

Welcome back!

I hope listening to Ed Meme's fantastic Guest Mix from last week has prompted those amongst you within travelling distance to pen the dates for The Hook & Sling Soul Weekender into your diaries? You should also check out The Impellers new LP, 'Robot Legs' HERE if you haven't already done so yet.

Before we get down to the business of providing you with a brand new dose of the 'Good Stuff', I'd like to prompt the lesser eagle eyed visitors amongst you into taking a quick moment to check out the shiny new Twitter account we've just opened. Regular alerts should (if the technology Gods allow us) be displayed in the Twitter-doobrie-box-thingy in the right hand side bar. Check the box out or follow us HERE. We'll be posting site updates as well as a few little extra mini downloads to fill all your soulful Twitter needs. Just how down with the kids are we!!!

So, after a fantastic run of Guest Mixes on the site I felt is was time we made some sort of conscious effort to drop a new mix of our own on you. A couple of weeks back you may remember that The Popcorn King filled the Hoppin’ John sized gap at our monthly night back in September. Before heading down to the venue we joined forces back at Hook & Sling HQ to put a new joint mix together for you.

The result is a tidy soul outing that clocks in at just around 25 minutes. All the tracks included herein are (obviously!!) fantastic but I wanted to draw both your attention and your ears to a few of them.

The two picture sleeves, from both Otis Redding, a German Atlantic issue and Sam Cooke, an English RCA issue are both aesthetically as well as musically pleasing! So much so I thought I’d include a quick picture for you! Great examples of the sort of picture sleeves I’m a total sucker for!

The Popcorn King chips in with, amongst others, ‘I’m A Good Woman’ from Barbara Lynn, a serious slice of sister funk that is simply unbeatable!

So turn the volume up on the listening device of your choice, sit back and enjoy. I’ll be back here shortly with something special for you!

Track List

Mr Double Down

Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can Pt1 - Polydor

The Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can - Blue Thumb Records

The Popcorn King

Chuck Wood - I've Got My Lovelight Shining - Big T

The Parliaments - Don't Be Sore At Me - Revilot

Mr Double Down

Otis Redding - Sweet Lorene - Atlantic Records

Edwin Starr - Headline News - Polydor

The Popcorn King

Barbara Lynn - I'm A Good Woman - Tribe Records

Bud Harper - Whenever You Were - Duke

Mr Double Down

Ray Charles - Never Had Enough Of Nothing Yet - Stateside

Sam Cooke - Soothe Me - RCA Records

Download The Popcorn King & Mr Double Down Present Can We Get A Soul
Clap? HERE

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