Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mr Double Down Presents From Us To You

We’re on the back straight to the working week, and I hope your all well and good! After a few hectic days at “The Coal Face” I finally managed to crowbar in some long overdue down time with my 45’s. After last nights catch up session I’ve rounded up a new batch for you. The following choices are all singles that I’ve been meaning to use on mixes or as articles but they’ve failed to make it here onto this little space due to various time, space and / or mood constraints (quality was never the issue!!) So here they are for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Track list (Click on individual track titles for label scans)

Jonah Thompson – Devil In My Home – Friday Records

Sweet Charles – Soul Man – People Smokey Brooks – Spin-It Jig – Now

Marie ”Queenie” Lyons - Your Key Don’t Fit It Anymore – DeLuxe

Rufus Thomas – “Itch And Scratch” Pt1 – Stax

The Fantastic Johnny C – New Love – Phil-L.A Of Soul

George Torrance & The Naturals – (Mamma Come Quick And Bring Your) Lickin’ Stick – Jay Boy

Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra – I’m Thankful Pt1 – Tru Thoughts

Willie Gresham And The Free Food Ticket – I Cried Boo Hoo - Majesty

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