Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mr Double Down Presents The New New Super Heavy Funk Mix

Here at The Hook And Sling we’ve firmly wedged open the floodgates and the mixes are flowing!! I figure while the mood to put this stuff up on the site takes me I should let the good times roll and share the love!

Today’s choices focus on the new(ish) funk and soul releases from the last few years. This was prompted by a chat with my friend at our last night in January, about the excellent quality of output on record labels such as Daptone and Freestyle. Several of these newer releases are now regarded as classics in there own right and some are even beginning to command a healthy price from dealers, as they become more aware of the market for them. For me, much of the new stuff matches and in some cases even surpasses some of the many releases from the 60s and 70s.

I know several collectors who ignore and overlook these type of releases and just focus on the older original 45s from the 60s and 70s, In my humble opinion they are really missing out on a massive slice of the good stuff.

For our “scene” to progress and evolve, these new bands and artists should be embraced and given the credit that they really deserve for their contributions. I have had the pleasure of seeing three of the bands on today’s mini-mix live (New Master Sounds, Lefties Soul Connection and Reverend Cleatus And The Soul Saviours). They not only delivered musically but also in the showman-ship side of performing, which is an important part of live music that seems to be continually left behind as an after thought with some of the more “popular” modern artists today.

I hope you enjoy this mini-mix and remember, today’s new 45’s will eventually become tomorrow’s highly prized (and priced!) collectables.


Track List (Click on the individual track titles for label scans)

Reverend Cleatus And The Soul Saviours -The Slip – Freestyle Records

Lefties Soul Connection – Mood Nix – Melting Pot Music

Funk Shone – Purification Pt1 – Skyline Recordings

Whitefield Brothers – “Sol walk” – Field Records

The Poets Of Rhythm – Practise What You Preach - SoulShaker

New Master Sounds – It’s Alright Now – Deep Funk Records

Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin On – Tru Thoughts Recordings

Joseph Henry – Who’s The King? (You Know That’s Me) – Daptone Records

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