Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mr Double Down’s We Got Soul Mix


Looking back through previous articles I noticed the emphasis here has been leaning more to the funkier side of things, so in order to balance this out I’ve decided to put together a new soul mix for you.


We start things off in the Motor City with the Motown subsidiary, Gordy Records release ‘I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)’ by The Temptations. It’s taken here from a radio station copy I procured a while back. This is a great track that encapsulates the whole Motown sound, and for me, the harmonies really make it a special record.


We move south to the Texas based Murco Records for Eddy Giles ‘Losin’ Boy’. Murco is a subsidiary of Jewel and although this release is on the R&B side of soul, it’s nether the less a great 45. Eddy Giles also released some great funk cuts on Stax Records that are definitely worth checking out.

The next three records follow the unwritten rule of coupling a funk side with a more soul orientated B-side to balance things out.


Otis Redding’s ‘Direct Me’ is the flip to his A-side cover of James Brown’s ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’. Released on Atco Records, it was co-written and produced by Steve Cropper, the guitarist from the Stax house band, Booker T & The MG’s. Otis Redding is a huge favourite of mine, and this in my opinion is southern soul at its finest.


Next up is Lou Courtney, an artist constantly championed by Larry Grogan over at his Funky16Corners Blog, and rightly so! ‘I’m Mad About You’ is the B-side to ‘Hey Joyce’, a funk stormer I included on one of my earlier mixes. Released on the New York based Pop-Side Records in 1967. It’s a steady soul groover and is definitely a worthy equal to the plug side.


Dennis Landry is yet another James Brown sound alike! He had a few releases but this one on Soul Unlimited stands out for both sides. The A-side ‘Miss Hard To Get’ was another one included on my funk mix, but it’s the flip ’M’m’M’m’ Good’ we feature here. Landry’s vocals work well with the smooth saxophone on this soulful cut.


I mentioned Lee Fields in an article I wrote not so long ago and here is his 2004 release featuring The Expressions, ‘Honey Dove’. A slow and emotional soul burner released on Truth And Soul Records. This is a 45 that truly showcases his vocal strength and huge talent.


The Third Guitar are famous for their Rojac release ’Baby Don’t Cry’, a massive deepfunk staple. Here we have their much lesser known release ‘Sad Girl’, also on Rojac. It’s great soul track and goes to show that they weren’t a one-dimensional band.


We round things up nicely with The Chi-Lites 1974 release ‘What Do I Wish For’ on Brunswick Records. This is a northern soul favourite and experienced a bit of resurgence a while back thanks to the Colonel, due to its inclusion in a series of soul themed KFC television adverts.

So there we go! I hope this balances things out nicely on the soul front. Keep watching this space as we’ve already got two mixes waiting to go up on the site for you, a new mixed bag from myself and the long awaited selection from The Popcorn King, which I can assure you, having already had a quick listen contains some awesome funk cuts!

Track List

The Temptations - I could Never Love Another ( After Loving You) - Gordy

Eddy Giles - Losin' Boy - Murco

Otis Redding - Direct Me - Atco

Lou Courtney - I'm Mad About You - Pop-Scene

Dennis Landry - 'M'm'M'm'Good - Soul Unlimited

Lee Fields Featuring The Expressions - Honey Dove - Truth And Soul

The Third Guitar - Sad Girl - Rojac

The Chi-Lites - What Do I Wish For - Brunswick

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