Thursday, 20 January 2011

Colin Dilnot (In Dangerous Rhythm) – “I Love” Guest Mix

Next up in our Guest Mix series is the legendary Colin Dilnot from In Dangerous Rhythm – A Soulful Diary. He’s a great journalist and music consultant and his website is a continuing source of information on all things soul related.

“I am a writer who is dedicated to Keeping Soul Alive! My aim is to archive, collect and record information about all facets of soul music. I have met and spoken to many people who have made soul music. Click Here for a slide show of some of the people who have spoken to me:”

Track List

Al King - Playing On Me - Sahara

Robert Sanders - I Can Easily Get A Long With You - VLV

Dynamite Singletary - The Same Way You Love Your man - Dynamite

Forris Woods - Stoned On Love - Abbot

Piney Brown - Unemployed - Cimarron

Natural Gas - What You Want From My Life – Firebird

Oliver Joy - You Know That I Love You - Big Deal

Little Ron Johnson - I Keep Telling You - Hard Times

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