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Guest Mix - Jamie C (Bumpin’)

It’s Easter holiday time and I trust you are all well and good. I’d like to thank Colin Dilnot from ‘In Dangerous Rhythm’ for his excellent Guest Mix on Tuesday, If you haven’t caught it yet you can find it HERE.

Next up, Jamie C joins our ongoing Guest Mix series with a great funk, soul and cross-over mix to start your Easter weekend off . Jamie is a long time collector, dealer and promoter from South London, previously associated with the underground Funk night ‘Bumpin’. He is currently organising a new quarterly Funk and Soul night in Central London with Marius Johnson from Oslo, so you can expect a seriously heavy weight DJ roster which will include some of the worlds top collectors. Keep an ear to the ground as all the details will be appearing soon!

Track List

Blume – Do It Now – Mad City

A cracking double sider and (with the flip being a classy soundtrack type funk inst. entitled Harold’s Room with some nice proper neat drum work) - DJ Shadow apparently has mopped a few of these up from E-bay for internal posse distribution.

Apollos Show Band – Peace Still Is With Us – Apollos Show Band - (No Label)

Quite tough to find and fairly pricey now in decent condition. Last one on E-bay ended up at almost $600 and I cant see many letting this go if they have it. The Jamal release is top draw too.

John Timmons And Funkshun – Love At First Sight – Timco Records

Tight hip hop drums, lazy bass and snakey horn The vocal A side is quite shockingly sickly imho but the inst never fails…tough to pick up but sure does the business.

The Deltas – Do What Comes Easy – New Chicago Sound Records

Bought this for the B side originally, which is a big tune (on the Northern scene) in Leicestershire by all accounts. Cracking string led X-Over soul - so kopped a funk tune for free, which is always a pleasure. Gerald Sims production. Sniffing around Norvern dealers lists pays off for sure!

Ricky Hodges With The Little G And The Vibrators – Don’t Blow No More – Clevetown Records

Great voice this guy. The first (and much easier to pick up) mix of this record is slower, lazy and a completely different affair altogether. Here we get a ruff tuff drum lead funk workout with high quality horn work. He’s made some cracking stuff, ‘Deep’ being a firm favourite too.

Jarvis Jackson – The Long Dog – Sims Records

Snappy hip hop drums, baw’lin geetar and very nice horn rises. Nice n tight and cheap as chips too boot.

The Eight Minutes – Time For A Change – Jay Pee Records

Is this a falsetto funk track or a kiddie one? Well, its kiddie funk for sure. Chicago’s Jim Porter produces something special here I think, the best of the Jay Pee bunch for my money. Way cheaper than a Reggie Milton and much more relevant for us than a Jackson 5 track. Getting spins all over at the moment and rightly so.

Shirlean Williams And The Tempo’s Band – “This Is A Song” – Elvirtue Records

Discovered by eminent collector, Kay Dee and Jazzman Records collator and DJ, Jason Perlmutter, and still pretty tough to get hold of. Bought this for the flip ‘Ease it to me’, which can be found on the recent JP collated Carolina Funk CD and was chuffed to find this on the other side. A high quality double sider, Check the CD for more rare 70’s Carolina releases.

Uncle Bob And The Fireproof Band – Change In My life – Busy Bee Records

Don’t know much about this Conneticut based band or the label, just what’s on the 45. This was made in May 1976. There’s been a hand full of these about. I have found a few, one Oop North and the rest in NYC.

Nikk – Hard Times – House Of Roton Records

Another Carolinas record that doing the business everywhere right now. Roy Roberts produced.

Fantastic Cousin’s – Come down Junkie – E. Leonard Records

Found this copy from a seller a mile from my house having had a few before and swapped them away. Didn’t really used to rate it that highly, which is fucking odd for someone with hip hop roots. I’ve seen one other record on this label which wasn’t great I remember, But this always goes down well. Cali record?? Not sure?

The Rising Sun – Good Loving – Kingston

Probably the most in demand from the label which was one of Henry Stone’s many imprints. Funky Yolk by the same group is decent too but pails into insignificance when put aside this imho. On a fair few wants lists and on playlists of a few top drawer European DJ's. Its getting hammered in Club Function by DJ Helena, and the OSE boys in Oslo have been playing it too. I’ve also heard a rumour that some high profile Northern soul DJs have been playing it so I look forward to selling my copy for £1,000 ++ in a few months time!!

Ricky Lewis – I’m Lonely Too – Cindy

Very classy double sider this but i picked the quicker of the two to play here. An obscure label Another 45 that ultimately came from a Northern Soul dealer and is still in the box after 18 months and aint going anywhere for sure. Gorgeous record.

Leroy Clofer – Mr Big Man “ What You Gonna Do” – Rosemont

UK DJ/Collector Ian Wright takes the plaudits for dragging this one out of NOLA obscurity thus causing the usual waves. Many fans of the 70’s sound came on the spot on hearing this and I have to include myself in that. Socially conscious and perfectly arranged/produced 45 in my eyes. 11 out of 10.

M & M Band – Straight Up – M & M Records

I don’t know a huge amount about this 45 other than what you can guess from hearing it. X-Over soul with an ‘Island’ slant to it. Fookin nice whatever way you slice it.

Betty Burrell – I Have To Satisfy (My Need To Party) – Highest Joy

Another obscure one and maybe just one for a mix tape as it might be hard to get down to for most dancers. Time will tell but whatever the outcome I love this record not only for its content but its the most physically deformed record I’ve ever owned. It doesn’t even look like its gonna play through as its so warped but strangely it does………. and perfectly!

Shirley Wahls – Tell The Truth – Giant Records

One of a few on this mix that I knew Mr Double Down (my host here) would like a lot. Blistering straight forward sista funk, no airs and graces, just works for anyone whether you love this genre of music or not. On singer/song writer Jo Armstead’s Giant label that she ran with her fella, which churned out some decent Northern, Funk and Funky Soul until the label closed when they split.

James Fountain – My Hair Is Nappy – Peach Tree

Willam Bell produced cracking double sider from Georgia. I usually play the other side which is a banging screeching soul track, however this old Deep Funk spin is perfect for here.

Ann Peebles – Somebody’s On Your Case – Hi

My favourite Willie Mitchell / Peebles 45 and a firm GZA fave too. Like many HI 45’s it can be routinely found for the price of a can of fizzy pop. Possibly my favourite cheap and easy record ever.

Shirley & The Shirelles – Never Give You Up (Never Gonna Give You Up) - Bell Records

Well another nice and easy cheap one to end with. Another X-Over soul 45 that’s still getting played all over the place. ‘Played out’ some soul collectors might say. I say “Fuck you”. You cant knock its quality vs price. My favourite Gamble Huff Butler penned track and a perfect way to end this mix......Part II soon. Later on.....

Jamie C

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