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Hello to all of you Hook and Sling readers out there. My name is DJ Prestige and I run Fleamarket Funk. Today for your listening pleasure, I'm bringing you an exclusive mix for The Hook and Sling. This mix has a little bit of it all: Deep Funk and Raw Soul, plus some Jazz Funk as well. These are a few of the records I've been into lately, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to share them with The Hook and Sling, and all the London lads that are involved with the night. I'm honored to be a part of this site. Hopefully I'll be able to do a guest DJ spot (and maybe even get some digging in London as well) sometime in the near future. This mix also features some shout outs from my favorite London DJ, and a friend of mine, DJ Andy Smith. He was kind enough to send some shout outs for this joint collaboration. So without any further delay, let's get into Fleamarket Funk meets the Hook and Sling: Ease Back.

Track 01: Black Heat - Chicken Heads

A funky little number I got off of the Meatball, or Mario Brothers as we call him. Black Heat is not a band to sleep on, and their records match their name: H-E-A-T.

Track 02: Dap Kings - Nervous Like Me

I have to give props to my favorite modern Funk and Soul label and their extended family. If you haven't seen these guys live, they open up with this number and get warmed up before Sharon comes out. A sweet little Funk instrumental to get your heart racing. The label is pretty cool too, a great combination of Keb Darge and Kenny Dope. Two masters.

Track 03: Seven Sea's - Pat's Jam

Clarence Reid's (aka Blowfly) house band on the Glades label. This was part of the Henry Stone empire of record labels, and was recently featured on the What It Is! Box set.

Track 04: Detroit Sex Machines - Funky Crawl

A monster Midwest Funk track reissued so we can all enjoy it. I'll take this record any way I can get it, it's hot!

Track 05: Simtec Simmons - Classified Crazy Man.

One half of the funky combo of Simtec and Willie, here's a solo outing after the band was through. The beat may be a bit crazy, and the jury is still out whether he was a certified crazy man or not.

Track 06: Calvin Arnold - Funky Way

One of the first records I bought from DJ Bluewater and his never ending box of sale 45s. A slow moving Funk number on Venture, that I never get tired of.

Track 07: Brenda & amp; The Tabulations - Stop Sneakin' Around

One of my favorite East Coast Soul bands, I buy everything I see out in the field. "California Soul" has eluded me, but it still doesn't stop me from stockpiling the 45s I see. Brenda is a talented singer who has often been passed over. For me, her Soulful voice is right on.

Track 08: The Budos Band - Ghost Walk

I had the pleasure of them doing one of my nights, and I'm a huge supporter. I wish they would release every one of their songs on 45. Modern Afro Funk at it's finest.

Track 09: The Persuaders - Thigh Spy

This band I highly recommend. Love Is Gonna Pack Up is my all time favorite, but Thigh Spy is a sexy bitch.

Track 10: Alvin Cash - Keep On Dancin'

The Commodores version is well know due to the Brain Freeze craze, but I, myself dig Alvin Cash. If he could turn out sides like Philly Freeze he has every right to make heads keep on dancing.

Track 11: Gigi - Daddy Love

A great upbeat side. This was the first record I ever bought on E Bay, and remained that way until Oct. 2007. I kid you not. I finally caved in and got some great stuff I couldn't dig up at The Spot.

Track 12: Brother Jack McDuff- Win, Lose, or Draw

I am a sucker for the Jazz organ, and all that is Jazz Funk and Soul. McDuff is a prime example of how to do it, and do it well. (If I can use LL Cool J's quote).

Track 13:Grant Green - Ease Back

A great Meters cover. It's a bit long, but Grant Green was the one who got me into Jazz Funk, and after that I never looked back. He's got a great catalogue of Funk covers from the Commodores to James Brown and beyond.

Track 14:Soul Butter Cups - Soulful Strut

Another great Lo-Fi cover of a hit at the time. This whole Lp is nothing but covers, and even thought the fidelity is a bit low, and the sound isn't as clear as a major label, I really dig it. In fact, it's why I dig it.

Track 15:Kay Robinson -The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow (Part 1)

This is a great Funky Gospel selection that I couldn't leave out of this particular mix. It's a side that to me, was fitting as a closer. This is something I'd rock at the end of a night, as people are winding down. It's not too slow to put them to sleep, and the King Records production of course is right on the money.

Thanks for checking me out, and looking forward to another collaboration sometime soon.

Keep Diggin'!


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