Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Hook And Sling Presents Three The Hard Way

I trust you managed to take some time out to check out Planet Mondo’s fantastic Dial ’M’ For Mondo Guest mix and also my own contribution to the ‘Funky Friday’ series over on his Blog. If not now’s the perfect time to catch up!

So we’re on the flipside of our monthly night and all of our expectations were more than exceeded. The funk and soul troops did us proud on Saturday and turned out in huge numbers. It’s been six months since we relocated to The Brown Sugar Bar and Saturday night was by far and away the best we’ve had at our new home. As one of our regular funk soldiers would say it was indeed ”Happy Days!!”

Hopefully you’re back here for your Monday top up of the Good stuff. Having pinned down The Popcorn King and Hoppin’ John for an hour or so before we kicked off on Saturday, we decided to put together what will hopefully become a regular monthly occurrence. Today’s selection is a back-to-back session from all of us, recorded at Hook And Sling HQ. These cuts all came straight from our own play-out boxes for Saturdays night, so if you were absent, here’s a small snapshot of what you (shouldn't have) missed.

I’ve also put together a brand new exclusive guest mix and accompanying article for the mighty Scholar over at Souled On Music which should be hopefully posted at some point in the very near future. His Blog is held in high regard around these parts and I urge you make the trip over to check out his seemingly endless supply of knowledge and fantastic music.

I hope you enjoy all the Hook And Sling wares on show today and as always your readership and feedback is greatly appreciated. See you back here later in the week for some more of the good stuff!

Track list (click on individual track titles for label scans)

Mr Double Down

The JB’s – Hot Pants Road – People

Roger And The Gypsies – Pass The Hatchet – Seven B

Hoppin’ John

The Presidents – Gold Walk – Deluxe

Gene Faith – Family Man – Virtue

The Popcorn King

Manuel B. Holcolm And His Band – Kick Out-Ins – Diamond Jim Records

The Passionettes – Sister Watch Yourself – Uni

Mr Double Down

Vicki Anderson – If You Don’t give Me What I Want (I Gotta Get It Some Other Place) – King

Marie ”Queenie” Lyons – Fever – Deluxe

Hoppin John

Chester Randle’s Soul Senders – Soul Brother’s Testify – Anla Records

The Winstons – Amen, Brother – Metromedia Records

Hank Carbo – Hot Pants – Ala

The Popcorn King

Lonnie Youngblood – Roll With The Punches – Loma

Richard Marks – Funky Four Corners – Roulette

The T.S.U. Tornadoes – What Good Am I? - Atlantic

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