Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mr Double Down Presents Soul Walking

After a swift four days at ‘The Coal Face’, the week-end is finally upon us again. When ever I get to spend any time with my 45’s, the “to be blogged” list grows and grows, as I keep turning out sides I want to share with you here.

Today’s choices are all the singles that keep slipping through the net. I’ve rounded them up and packaged them altogether for you here as ‘Soul Walking’.

I want to send a quick shout out to some of my fellow Bloggers out there, there are far too many to mention by name but if quality soul and funk cuts are what your looking for, then take a look through the links on the right hand side of the page and I’m certain you’ll find something to suit your taste.

Anyway, on with business…….

Getting the ball rolling is The Insiders and a great version of Wilson Pickett’s classic ‘In The Midnight Hour’. As I’ve mentioned previously I collect the People label and this is a great James Brown Production and certainly worthy of it’s inclusion here.

The Brothers And Sisters are next up with ‘Nobody Is Gonna Turn Us Round’. This phsyc soul groover comes from Ernie and Tony Learner’s Toddlin’ Town label. It’s a great record with a very interesting production to it.

The Misty Label is a subsidiary of Daptone Records. ‘Too Late To Turn Back’ by El Michels Affair is a 45 that has all the hallmarks of a Daptone production, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

The Third Guitar’s ‘Lovin’ Lies’ is a solid slice of up tempo soul. This is the flip to ‘Sad Girl’ and is a track which is almost the polar opposite of ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, the 45 they are most recognized for.

‘Higher And Higher’ is a fantastically well written track and The Moving Finger give their cover a different spin with big drums and horns – Quality!

Calvin Arnold is an artist I first discovered a while back after acquiring his 1967 single ‘Funky Way’. I saw ‘Just A Matter Of Time’, also on the Venture label and decided to take a punt on it. When I got it home I wasn’t disappointed, strong vocals and a wicked hi-hat make this a must have.

Clarence Reid’s ‘Nobody But You Babe’ is an excellent cut from the Alston label. A great upbeat 45 from the ’Its my Thing’ mould that wraps things up here nicely.

Track list (Click on individual track titles for label scans)

The Insiders - In The Midnight Hour - People

The Brothers And Sisters - Nobody Is Gonna Turn Us Round – Toddlin’ Town

El Michels Affair - Too Late To Turn Back – Misty

The Third Guitar - Lovin’ Lies – Rojac

The Moving Finger - Higher And Higher – Mercury

Calvin Arnold - Just A Matter Of Time – Venture

Clarence Reid - Nobody But You Babe – Alston

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