Tuesday, 18 January 2011

mr. double down’s christmas “big stuffing" mix

They say Christmas is a time for giving so I thought I’d knock up an early present for you all in the form of a new themed mini mix. Who doesn’t like stuffing with their turkey at this time of the year? Sorry for the awful Christmas pun, I’ll get my coat!

Anyway enough of the ‘dad style’ jokes and on to business. We kick things off with Jean Knight’s 1971 original cut of ‘Mr Big Stuff’. From the southern soul based Stax Records, most of you will be familiar with this version. And rightly so, as it’s a great record which deserves a place in everyone’s collection.

Next up is the James Young And The House Wreckers instrumental ‘Funky Booty’. This is the flip of ‘Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree’, a track I previously included on one of my Funk Mixes. Released on the rare and extremely collectable Jet Stream Records, it’s a lazy down tempo saxophone groover that sticks to the backbone of the original nicely.

Vicki Anderson recorded under several different names, including Myra Barnes and Mommie-O. This Brownstone release uses the name she performed under for the bulk of her career. The majority of her out put was with The James Brown Revue. She joined the revue in 1965, replacing Anna King. This James Brown produced cut features everything you’d expect from The Godfather And ‘I’m too Tuff For Mr Big Stuff (Hot Pants)’ is no exception. Also released in 1971, albeit just after the original. She interestingly makes several nods and references to other artists and 45s of the era, including Bobby Byrd, her husband at the time.

On to the only male sung version on this mix. Toby King’s ‘Mr. Tuff Stuff’. Released in 1973 on the King subsidiary, Federal Records. It’s an upbeat cut, with Toby King’s powerful vocals leading the onslaught, on this answer back to the original.

Finally, we go back to the James Brown Revue for the Lyn Collins same titled version of the original. ‘Mr. Big Stuff’ it starts off as a straightforward cover, almost identical to the original. After just over two minutes in, it takes a funky upbeat twist. ‘The Female Preacher’ as she was also known, builds things up nicely, slowly reaching boiling point by the end.

I saw Lyn Collins perform this track live a few years ago, before she sadly passed away, and I would say it was definitely up there as one of the most amazing live performances I’ve ever witnessed.

Just so your aware I’ll be slowly archiving the majority of the previous posts, and moving the older downloads over to the Divshare.com space on the website in the next few days, so as not to break the feed for our regular subscribers.

That brings us to the end of this post so I hope you all have a great holiday! And don’t forget to break open the PAXO!!

Track List

Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff - Stax

James Young And The House Wreckers - Funky Booty - JetStream

Vicki Anderson - I'm Too Tuff For Mr Big Stuff (Hot Pants) - BrownStone

Toby King - Mr. Tuff Stuff - Federal

Lyn Collins - Mr. Big Stuff - People

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