Tuesday, 18 January 2011

put a little glide in your slide...

With the week starting to wind up and just a couple of days left until till the holidays begin, I thought I'd get in another post.


Today's offering is 'Funky Screw' and it comes to you courtesy of Lee Fields.

I’d been hankering after a copy of 'Funky Screw' for a while and just like my copy of 'Dap Walk', mentioned here in a previous post, this was also procured from Ebay. The records on my wants list always have a way of appearing like buses! (never one at a time) This usually happens after a "dry spell", and the ensuing excitement often results in all common sense and regard for the value of money being checked at the door!

Now, as some of you may be aware Lee Fields has had a nice little resurgence in his career lately, largely due to a renewed regular output on Truth and Soul, Daptone and previously with its now defunct little brother Desco.

fscrew.jpg bulliscoming.jpg

In my humble opinion, the majority of Lee Field's work in the 70's was absolute quality! And today's selection is no exception. This is the flip to "The Bull Is Coming" and was released on the much sought after Angle 3 Record label in 1974 . It contains everything a funk record should! The horns and wah wah guitar lead this one straight out of the gates with the shuffling rhythm laid down heavy on the high hat.

Lee Fields has been previously compared to the late James Brown because of his similar vocal style (so much so that it earned him the nickname "Little JB".) Now let's be honest here, I for one can think of several people in the music business, both past and present, that it would be worse to be compared to!!

Lee Fields is still touring with the Daptone revue every now and again, and I figure from the various video clips I've seen, his would definately be a show you wouldn't want to miss!!

I've been putting the screws on The Popcorn King for his long awaited mix and I've also got a few new themed mini-mixes of my own in the pipeline, as well as some nice 45s to share with you in the coming weeks. So watch this space!

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